I had the pleasure of working with Monika on a community study to explore HIV risks among transgender populations. Her work was excellent and she contributed significantly to the study design, development of survey measures, procedures for recruitment, and processing of the data. Though the study was small, Monika demonstrated great capacity to work in community settings in a research capacity, with a mixed community/researcher study team, and to handle many complicated problems with data collection, management and analytical procedures. I highly recommend her as a consultant or collaborative partner for community research endeavors, particularly using survey and quantitative research methods.

Dr. Margaret Weeks, PhD

Executive Director & Senior Scientist, Institute for Community Research

Hartford, Connecticut


Bringing her invaluable experience of having worked among marginalized communities exposed to HIV, Monika has been a tremendous resource on a collaborative project to develop capacity among health care workers and policy makers in promotion of the World Health Organisation guidelines for the prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases and HIV among men who have sex with men and transgender populations. Enhancing Care Foundation has been impressed with the quality of Monika's work in the field of HIV, particularly in the areas of research, development of materials and contribution to the understanding of the complexities of HIV in the community.

Dr. Sandy Pillay, MBChB

Director, Enhancing Care Foundation

Durban, South Africa


Saath has stood as a pillar of excellence on my international research program over the past two years by providing reliable, rigorous and meticulous research support services across diverse cultural contexts. I hope to continue to have their technical expertise on future projects.

Dr. Robert Lorwary, PhD

CIHR Team Leader, the Vaccine Acceptability among Stigmatized Populations in Asia and Africa Research Program

Assistant Professor, Centre for Global Public Health, University of Manitoba

Winnipeg, Canada


  From the day I first met Monika I was extremely impressed with her extensive knowledge, experience and dedication to the health issues of diverse communities. She combines both a professional and personal touch in her engagements that truly assure you the comfort and confidence of a project expertly executed.  Monika provided extensive guidance and direction to our organization, CT TransAdvocacy Coalition, which proved invaluable in our ability to research and serve the diverse users of our community. I cannot think of a better consultant and truly have cherished her working relationship with our non-profit.

Dr. Jerimarie Liesegang, PhD

Director, CT TransAdvocacy Coalition

Hartford, Connecticut


  My professional relationship with Monika spans over a decade. She has been a thorough professional, who has shown tremendous skills in research and program development, specifically in relation to the health of marginalized communities. Her analytical thinking and sharp mind brings to focus several un-addressed issues in health and thereby bringing them to the forefront. The University of Manitoba still seeks her out for assignments that are cutting edge and critical for the advancement of health sciences.

Dr. Sushena Reza-Paul, MBBS, MPH, DrPH

Assistant Professor, Community Health Sciences, University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, Canada

Advisor, Ashodaya Samithi
Mysore, India

  I have had the pleasure of working with Monika on several projects. She has excellent analytic and writing skills and a strong professional ethic. She is flexible and loves connecting with people in communities, as well as service providers and policy makers. I give her my highest recommendation as a consultant.

Prof. Judy Lewis, M.Phil

Departments of Community Medicine and Pediatrics,
University of Connecticut School of Medicine

Farmington, Connecticut